Oil/Water Separators

Highland Tank Oil/Water Separators are designed for the removal of free-floating oil, grease, and settleable oily coated solids from oil/water mixtures associated with many types of Industry.

Highland Tank developed the first complete line of Oil/Water Separators constructed to the UL-SU2215 specifications, which are able to release effluent with less than 10 mg/l of free oil concentration.

These high performance units are custom fabricated to meet and exceed the strict construction and performance criteria established by Underwriters’ Laboratories to be labeled UL-2215. Single-wall and double-wall construction with a variety influent and effluent product handling options are available.

  • Can-Am has been providing Separation Technology to a variety of industries for over 40 years
  • We are proud to be the Canadian representatives for Highland Tank
  • We specialize in custom solutions for Hydro Power Generators

All Highland separators are equipped with the patented Corella® coalescers that combine the features of both a flat plate coalescer and a corrugated plate coalescer into a new “self-cleaning” design that performs better than traditional plate separators. Corella® accelerates the separation process and greatly reduces the level of oil and oily coated solids discharged into municipal sewer systems.

Guide to Oil in Water Monitoring 2014

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